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is subsidy projects of credit guarantee businesses for small and medium-sized enterprises. Subsidies should be extended to qualif▓ied credit guarantee organizations which provided lo

sformation projects

an guarantee businesses ▓for small and medium-sized enterprises last year. The maximum subsidy for each organization should not exceed 3 million yuan.Q▓ualified enterprises or units

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can apply to competent administrative depar▓tments for small and medium-sized enterprises in the district (county) where the enterprise is registered.China's market watchdog has publi

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shed two rule▓s for issuance examination and recommendation for the country's first Growth Enterprise Board, which is a Nasdaq-style stock market. The rules will take effect from mi

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d-June. The two rules involve establishing an independent committee ▓to approve listings for the GEM and the management of sponsors of IPOs. The sponsors of IPOs are re▓quired to monit

es to accelerate i▓

or the companies' performance for three years, up from two for companies on the ma▓in board. The two rules are taken as a key step closer to introducing the much-anticipated GEM, a bo

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ard intended to nur▓ture innovation-driven start-ups, as the government tries to help smaller companies get financing and encourage technological advances. A Growth Enterpri

se Board is a securities market

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providing financing for small and medium enterprises and new, growing firms. In China, it forms part of the multi-layer assets market, together with the main board,

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rises boards and the out-of-bourse market.The ▓Growth Enterprise Board is characterized by low entry requirements and strict operation. It will help in financing promising small and medium enterp▓rises, with risks and pr

y saving and emissio

ofits possibly larger than the main board. There are two types of growth enterprise boards. One is represented by the Nasdaq, inde▓pendent from the main board. Ano

ther is attached to the main boa

n reduction measures,

rd. A listed firm can u▓pgrade to the main board when strong enough. The Nasdaq is the most successfu▓l growth enterprise board, with high tech firms including gian

ts Cisco, Microsoft and Intel. H

as well as technologic

ong Kong, Taiwan, as well as Britain, France, and Germany all have such a board. ▓For more views on the new growth enterprise board, we have the chief economist

with Sinolink Securities -- Dr.

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